Jiwok has teamed up with many leaders in the fitness industry to offer you the best of the best across our spectrum of service.


Jogging International



One of the leading runners' magazines in Europe for over 25 years, Jogging International provides Jiwok with invaluable tips and advice for our running community.





Jiwok is an official partner of Polar, the creator and world leader of the Heart Rate monitor!  Through this partnership, we can better advise you on more scientific things like your Maximum Heart Rate, and can also guide you with recommended speed and intensity levels of your workout.




Running, playing sports, listening to music ... We are well aware that we still have the chance to enjoy all this.

To keep it that way for everyone, we have also joined up with Laneo, a company dedicated to the preservation of nature by athletes.
To preserve and progress, Laneo only needs the gift of your thoughtfulness when exercising outside .... so little to save nature.




Paris Marathon




Jiwok is the official supplier of the Paris Marathon for all mp3 training programs.

If you are looking to run a marathon (in any city!), the Jiwok coaches have prepared training programs tailored specifically for this goal.



Blaze Travel Guides


Jiwok has teamed up with Blaze, the ultimate traveling runner's resource, to 'run the world' (speaking more in the adventurous sense here!)  Blaze provides travel running guides for those who like to stay active while traveling.  So with a portable Jiwok coach and a running guide for over 50 major cities all round the globe, the world is truly your oyster to run in.


Blaze is dedicated to promoting healthy living, environmental awareness and international understanding.  They are leading the way to a new era of travel and fitness. Together we hope to make the world a healthier place.




The leading 'sports for music' specialist, Sportunes is a natural partner for Jiwok.  We both know that music can make a big difference to your workout and do our best to give you as many options as possible to suit your personal fitness program.

While Sportunes keeps you running to the beat, your Jiwok coach keeps you running to your goal.