So who are the masterminds behind Jiwok's training programs?

The cream of the fitness crop, no less!
Jiwok aims to provide the best quality training.  To achieve this, we have partnered with leading sports and health specialists to bring you exclusive and individually personalised mp3 training programs.
Not intending to blow our own horn (well, ok, a little toot maybe), we are quite proud of the training and guidance conducted by our sports and health experts.

Our coaching team has over 50 years of experience in different areas of sports training including running, swimming, cycling, and other cardiovascular activities.

Our coaches work in different European sporting associations and train high-level athletes who compete in various sporting competitions and world championships... and now Jiwokers (who we like to consider a new class of athletes, unique to themselves!)

Remember, even if your ambitions are not at professional athlete level, it is reassuring to know you have experienced coaches guiding you.  The training programs can be fully tailored to your personal goals of health and fitness.

At Jiwok you will find programs to prepare you for every type of running race, to lose weight by running, to run faster, and even for stretching and relaxation...we are adding new programs all the time to suit every requirement.

Your Jiwok coach speaks to you through your mp3 headphones, to encourage, guide, and support you in your efforts.

We also work with musicologists and art directors to provide a unique musical training program, using the latest technology and world music for an experience that affects the mind as well as the body.

Many scientific studies prove that music has a positive impact when exercising.  We have taken this on board and added another dimension - a coach's voice to motivate you even more.  This combination of sport-focused, rhythmic music and coaching is what makes Jiwok's training programs so effective.

Finally, our Jiwok team is also comprised of professional nutritionists who provide diets for weight loss programs and give helpful nutritional advice (as outlined in the Jiwok Nutrition information booklet).

The Jiwok Team is with you all the way!

P.S.  If you use the mp3 sessions generated by our system (and not your own music), you can download it for free here.

P.S.S.  Here are the mini CV's of our team.  You can see you are in very good hands to reach your goals with their combined experience.


Pascal Choisel 

* Jiwok Coach
* Coordinator of the National Triathlon Team 
* Hi-level international and national athletic trainer of European cup athletes, World cup athletes, and the National Olympic team

Stéphanie Gross

* Jiwok Coach
* Coordinator of the National Triathlon Team and National Triathlon Girl's Team
*Hi-level international and national athletic trainer of European cup athletes, World cup athletes, and the National Olympic team

Cedric Deanaz

* Jiwok Coach
* High school Physical Education teacher
* 5 years with the French National Triathlon Team
* 3 times worldwide Military Triathlon champion
* Twice on the championship podium in 2002 and 2004 for the Worldwide Triathlon champion cup
* Worldwide Triathlon champion in 2004 in Rio
* 5 times French National Triathlon champion


Frédéric Gueri

* Jiwok Nutritionist
* National Dietician Diploma
* National Sports Dietician Specialist Diploma
* Diploma in Sports Mental Preparation and Psychology 
* National diploma in Subaquatic diving
* National Fitness Instructor Diploma 
* Phd in Physics


Dr Charles Aisenberg

* Jiwok's licensed Sports Physical Therapist
* Mesotherapy Specialist of the National Sport Research Institute
* National diploma in Sports Medicine and Biology
* National diploma in Subaquatic Sports Diving
* National diploma in Mesotherapy


Pauline Mérou

* Jiwok Dietician
* Specialist Dietician National Diploma
* Fitness Instructor Diploma

Emilie Lacroux

* Postgraduate degree in Musical Therapy
* National Diploma in Swim Instruction
* National Diploma in Aquatic Rescue and Safety
* Sport Educator in competitive swimming, water aerobics and leisure swimming

Daniel Benjamin

* Jiwok Sport Podiatrist
* Orthotic Specialist
* Podiatry degree
* University degree of Sports podiatry, Toulouse medical school
* European Certificate of medical podiatry, National Institute of Podiatry (Paris)
* Rugby: High level rugby education at Pays Aix Rugby Club (PARC) for 10 years, currently at Racing Paris Neuilly (RCPN)
* Running: Paris-Versailles 2009 and 2010

Marie Mauviel

*Jiwok Osteopath
*Diploma in Osteopathy
*Osteopath for Women's Rugby Team - Nanterre
*Osteopath Men's Rugby Team - Paris-Neuilly
*Osteopath for Raid International Orienteering
*Osteopathy and Perinatal Health University Diploma (in progress)
*Personal practice of high-level gymnastics


 Tracey Ellis

*Head of English translation and administration at Jiwok
*Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
*Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism
*Freelance Journalist


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