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A personal trainer in your mp3 player

With our mp3 training, you will be guided and encouraged by a coach's voice combined with the music you love!  Lose weight, marathon training, half-marathon, start running - whatever your goal is, your coach is there for you.
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  • Jiwok I just ran my first marathon and finished it in less than 4 hours without any major difficulty, thanks to Jiwok. Six months ago I de ...>>
  • Jiwok For me, Jiwok is like a second wind that makes you want to run. What I like about this sit ...>>
  • Jiwok I would first like to thank the Jiwok team for their great service. I've never liked swi ...>>
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What Jiwok offers you :

  • A professional coach designs your personal workout..
  • Your workout with your MP3
  • Workouts to your level, you are beginner, advanced or expert.