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    • Jiwok
      JiwokI just ran my first marathon and finished it in less than 4 hours without any major difficulty, thanks to Jiwok.

      Six months ago I decided to participate in the Berlin Marathon, pushed by some colleagues who are experienced runners. It was a real challenge for me because I had never run a distance greater than 12km.

      This decision to attempt such a challenge surprised my friends and family: “Are you sure that’s reasonable?” they said, “you should at least start with a half marathon and see how you get on.”

      To give me confidence, I knew I had to I train seriously. I had about three months before the event to get prepared.

      One obstacle was my available training time as I had to do some runs alone during the summer holidays. But Jiwok was ideal for my preparation because it allowed me to set a time goal (I chose 4:15), my preferred hours of training, and number of sessions per week (3 sessions per week for 10 weeks) .

      With this program, I could see in advance the content, duration and effort required during each session and I could also run with my own music !

      Jiwok allowed me to organize and adapt my schedule to be guided and advised by their expert coach to make just the right amount of training (not too much!), but enough to prepare myself physically and mentally for the race. I was able to postpone one of the longer 2 hour running sessions to run a half marathon three weeks before Marathon day. This allowed me to experience a first race and measure my progress.

      This first half-marathon was completed in 1:47, so about 12 km/h (I was aiming for 2 hours). On 25 September, I ran the Berlin marathon in 3:58 (a little under 11 km/h), exceeding my original goal.

      Thank you Jiwok for the quality of this program that allowed me to progress at my own pace and run a marathon in 4 hours after only 10 weeks of training.

      Andrew, 40 years old

      Don’t you just love a happy ending?
    • Jiwok
      JiwokFor me, Jiwok is like a second wind that makes you want to run. What I like about this site is the refreshing spirit conveyed by its designers and its community of runners.

      We, the members of this community (or Jiwokers), have found (or re-discovered) the pleasure of running and this passion allows us to try different challenges and achieve unexpected targets.

      Three years ago, running was not really a sport that attracted me. I thought it was a nerdy sport, for those who don't mind weathered bare skin, and for those bizarre people who like to wear windbreakers from another era. It was a sport that pushed too hard, that hurt the legs, and most of all, it was terribly boring.

      But this view would change. In my heart I was convinced of the virtues of running, so I invested in a pair of beginner trainers and occasionally I would run half an hour. I was 19 at the time and felt a growing desire to get fit and lose a little extra weight.

      This was in 2006 and after surfing some websites I discovered the "Nike iPod kit". The concept appealed to me, so as a New Year's resolution I decided to get it, hoping this gadget would be bring me extra motivation.

      And what a surprise! The use of the iPod combined with the "tracking" provided by the kit made the time I spent running fly by.

      Soon after I discovered Jiwok, and I realised that many people had discovered this great product that combines coaching and music.

      Gradually, within a year, I went to running 2, 3, 4, and then 5 times weekly. After two and a half years of practice, I even discovered the joys of competition. After running my first half marathon in 1h45 in 2008, I can now run it in 1h27, and run a 10km in 39 minutes. Since my beginning in December 2006, I have run about 4600km!

      This is quite an achievement as previously, I had never felt any interest in the world of running and athletics in general.

      Besides the 'traditional runners', I think that there is now a new community of runners, most of whom discovered the sport later in life, and who have realised that the fun aspect of combining music and other equipment (heart rate monitor, nike kit, etc.) can improve their capabilities and make running more fun.

      Jiwok gives me positive energy which helps to push me toward new horizons.

      Thank you Jiwok!
    • Jiwok
      JiwokI would first like to thank the Jiwok team for their great service.
      I've never liked swimming. For me, swimming was the most boring sport in the world.

      But with the cold outside, and the need to exercise (a few pounds to lose) convinced me that I needed to start swimming.

      A Jiwoker friend suggested I start training with Jiwok. I followed her advice.

      I bought an mp3 player adapted to swimming and splash! In the water with my Jiwok coach.

      First of all: swimming with music is an incredible experience; it gives you a really different sensation.
      Then, following the coach’s advice in your headphones underwater is absolutely amazing!

      I feel like I'm being guided and mostly, I have the feeling that I'm having a real course in a rather fun way.

      The workouts change, the voice encourages me and mostly, I end my workout with a very positive feeling of having accomplished something:

      Swimming with music and Jiwok gives me a real pleasure and my body also appreciates it.

      I'm not done talking to all my friends about Jiwok and its swimming workouts
    • Jiwok
      JiwokI started running last summer and I came across Jiwok looking for programs to prepare for my first half marathon.
      Looking at all the programs, I chose 'Run Faster (for beginner)' and I must say, it was exactly what I needed. I have always been pretty active, and for some years I did cross country skiing (I live in northern Finland) and some Cross-country ski races (best time on a demanding 20 km: 1h13), so I knew I had a proper endurance base, but not really for fast running.

      When I ran my first half-marathon with Jiwok, I was more than satisfied to have finished in 1h45. But this year, I wanted to do better, so I decided to follow a more challenging program to prepare myself. The positive experience of last year with Jiwok naturally led me to choose the program 'Run a half-marathon in 1h40'.

      I followed the program rigourously. The sessions built up gradually, noting my progress (such as average speed increase in relation to my maximum heart rate), which was very good for morale. What I also liked about the program is that all sessions were very manageable, it did not feel too challenging or out of my depth.

      The result: 1h 37 for my second half-marathon with Jiwok! The race is run, and within my objectives.

      Next year, I probably follow the same Jiwok program to run another half-marathon (or maybe even a full marathon - it's very tempting!).
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