Stretching session

    • Type :

    • Duration :

      1 day
    • Level :

      Beginner (occasional physical activity)
    • For :

      men, women
    • Rhythm :

      1 times/day
    • Coach :

      Coach Jiwok
    • Number of workouts :

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  • Objective

    This is a guided stretching session to do after your running workout. The aim is to make you stop, relax and stretch all your muscles properly, for 30 minutes.

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  • Description

    Jiwok's stretching session is done with calm music to help you completely relax and take pleasure in these essential movements. A good and consistent stretching program can prevent injury, improve flexibility, and keep you running.
    Say farewell to aches and pains.
    You will find images of stretching in pdf format in your 'Training Documents'.

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  • Coach Guidelines

    It is important to take the time to do these stretches after each training session, to allow your muscles to recover quicker. Avoid bouncing when stretching, or going beyond the point where you begin to feel tightness in the muscle.

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