Prepare to run a half marathon in 2 hours with moderate and flexible workouts - about 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks

    • Type :

    • Duration :

      10 weeks
    • Level :

      Intermediate (regular physical activity)
    • For :

      men, women
    • Rhythm :

      2 times/week
    • Coach :

      Coach Jiwok
    • Number of workouts :

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  • Objective

    To finish a half marathon in 2 hours with a flexbile training regime.

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  • Description

    You like to run long distances without constraint on your routine or lifestyle. Now you want to complete a half marathon with a training program that is not too complicated and with little difficulty.
    With this training based on 2 sessions per week, you can finish a half-marathon in 2 hours (10.5 km/h or 5 min 43 seconds/km).

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  • Coach Guidelines

    This program is flexible - it can be carried out easily anywhere and at any time, so there is no excuse for keeping to it.
    Maintain a healthy diet and remember to eat carbohydrates the day before the extended workouts.
    Be sure to hydrate yourself regularly, do not wait to feel thirsty, it is already too late! Bring your portable water bottle for long sessions, especially in hot weather. Check the condition of your shoes to avoid injury.
    Make your ideal sessions, Wednesday and Saturday, and last session before the goal Friday.
    Good Luck.

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