Measure your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)

    • Type :

    • Duration :

      1 day
    • Level :

      Intermediate (regular physical activity)
    • For :

      men, women
    • Rhythm :

      1 times/day
    • Coach :

      Coach Jiwok
    • Number of workouts :

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  • Objective

    With this program you can estimate your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).
    This test is for those who are capable of running a minimum of 40 to 50 minutes continuously.
    If you have a pedometer, an accelerometer, or a GPS training monitor, you can also measure your MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed).

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  • Description

    This program consists of a single exercise session that will help you to accurately assess your MHR (maximum heart rate).

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  • Coach Guidelines

    You can perform this evaluation outdoors or on a track.
    Either way, measure the distance traveled - this will allow you to evaluate your progress for future fitness tests.
    It is important to be equipped with clothes and shoes suitable for exercise.
    Stretch your calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, glutes, and also your back which gives mobility to the pelvis and shoulders.
    Regularly drink small amounts of water. Before starting, make several long breaths, deep, continuous and complete.
    Remain steady as the speed increases, and finish the last minute as quickly as possible.
    Check your pulse at the end of the exercise, it should give you an estimate of your Maximum Heart Rate, plus or minus 5 beats.
    If you have a GPS, pedometer, accelerometer, or if you perform the track test, you can calculate your approximate MAS if you multiply the distance covered in 6 minutes (run as fast as possible) by 10.
    eg: 2 km traveled for 6 minutes = 20 km / h = 95% vma
    Don't strain yourself, remain cautious and stop exercising if you feel out of shape.
    Take it easy for 5 minutes to cool-down at the end of the test.
    Remember, stretch well to maximize recovery.
    Good luck.

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