Recovery running between workouts - 1 session per week over 4 weeks

    • Type :

    • Duration :

      4 weeks
    • Level :

      Beginner (occasional physical activity)
    • For :

      men, women
    • Rhythm :

      1 times/week
    • Coach :

      Coach Jiwok
    • Number of workouts :

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  • Objective

    After reaching your goal, your body needs recovery training while maintaining your fitness level.

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  • Description

    If you have limited time, this recovery program based on easy workouts adapted to your new level of physical fitness is for you.
    Recovery workouts will help you regain your stamina slowly, while maintaining the physical level you have developed during previous training.

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  • Coach Guidelines

    This interim program should allow you to recharge physically and mentally.
    It is also necessary to maintain your form and fitness level achieved from the training you've already done.
    Having fun while practising a sport like running is essential to keep progressing and keep the momentum going. You now know how the Jiwok concept works, so you'll find the rules for this training program simple and unconstrained.
    All the same, don't forget the importance of stretching and hydration.
    Good recuperation.

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